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SchemaDIaC V.1 released - Schematic Conversion Service

We can turn plain drawings into structured data for the CAE-tool of your choice,* using our Schematic Drawing Interpreter and Converter (SchemaDIaC). SchemaDIaC is specialized in reading graphical input and recognizing symbols, finding connections and assigning names. It will automatically generate the data to import in your CAE-tool, complete with named and propertied objects.
We can use AutoCAD files (like DXF or DWG), vector or bitmap graphics (e.g. scans in JPG or TIFF format) as input, and process them according to your rules (symbols, naming, colors etc.). Whatever is visible on the original drawing can be understood and converted by SchemaDIaC. We can also handle information from additional files (like text files, spread sheets etc.) to enhance the quality of the converted data
If you want to know more about this service please contact us:

Published: 29 Nov 2017

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