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LCCU for library creation, starting from an excel spreadsheet, you can populate you library including housing definition and generate and XMl file ready to be imported in Capital Library

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LCCU-LibraryCreation & ConversionUtility LCCU converts parts data defined in Excel spreadsheets into Mentor Graphics’ Capital and VeSys Library XML format. A wide range of part type are fully supported including Attributes, userdefined Properties and hierarchical data such as connector housing definitions, wire-fits, etc. With an Excel-based library-building process there is no need for the library builders to be Capital Library experts–allowing a wider range of engineers to work on the library-building task. Companies have faster and simpler library building and a faster deployment phase.

SCHEMADIAC is a converter of DXF schematic diagrams or DWG to XML ready to be imported in Capital

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SchemaDiac turns plain drawings into structured data for the CAE tool of your choice.

SchemaDiaC is specialized in reading graphical input and recognizing symbols, finding connections and assigning names. It will automatically generate the data to import in your CAE tool, complete with named and propertied objects.

SchemaDiaC can use AutoCAD files (like DXF or DWG) as input, and process them according to your rules (symbols, naming, colors etc.). Whatever is visible on the original drawing can be understood and converted by SchemaDlaC. It can also handle information from additional files (like text files, spread sheets etc.) to enhance the quality of the converted data.
SchemaDiaC is particularly efficient for processing large amounts of data. It is more reliable, faster and cheaper than manual conversion. It currently supports conversion for Mentor Graphics’ Capital series.

HARNESSDIAC is a converter of a DXF Harness Diagrams from DXF or DWG to DSI

DXF2XML is an utility to convert your symbol library from dxf to XML ready to be imported in Capital Symbol, this utility is able to read your dxf electrical symbol and electrify it

PDF2DXF Extractor – You will be able to take your native PDF file and convert it into a DXF and SVG format. You can save your whole design or just a small details of it PDF2DXf Extractor can also be used as DXF viewer